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Automotive Record Keeping

Automotive Record Keeping - Dana Bros. Automotive & Diesel Repair

Here at Dana Brothers Automotive, we keep great records of the work that has been performed and work that has been recommended for your vehicle. If you have had work performed here at Dana Brothers or have had an estimate made we have record of it. Just call us up or stop by and we can print it or E-mail it to you for your review.

Why is this important?

When it comes to car care it pays to be organized. For instance. You think to your self, "When was the last time I changed my oil?.... I wonder if I'm over the mileage or is it too soon?" You can call us and we can tell you when the last oil change was performed. If you have any questions regarding work that has been performed by Dana Brothers we will have the documentation for the work.

Can I get it from you if I am going to sell my car?

If you are selling your vehicle, one of the things that can seperate you from all of the others out there would be a complete repair and maintenance history for that car or truck. Dana Brothers will provide you with all of the invoices printed out to give to the potential buyer. These records can show that you have taken extremely good car or your car or truck and allow that buyer to have faith in your word.

How detailed is it?

All of out invoices are easy to understand and are very detailed as to what was done and why. We document why the vehicle came in, what was the cause of the complaint/concern and what we did toy correct the issue. This documentation should answer any questions you may have about your vehicle history at Dana Brothers

How does it make us different than another shop?

If you have ever been to a dealership service department or other independent repair shops, you may have seen that there invoices can be as clear as mud. Our easy to understand invoicing and estimates are simple, detailed and organized so that you understand exactly what has been done while your vehicle has been in our care.

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