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Emergency Preparation

Car Emergency Preparedness

Drivers Should Understand Automobile Emergency Preparedness

With millions of drivers on the road each and every day drivers never know what will happen when they get behind the wheel. Even the safest of drivers sometimes find themselves in a predicament when they set out on the road for a destination. Accurate Automotive sees countless customers who come in for repairs after getting into fender benders all the way to nearly totaling their car or truck. What almost all of these drivers have in common is that they wish they understood a bit more about automobile emergency preparedness. In a constant effort to provide customers with what they desire, Accurate Automotive gladly offers this article on automobile emergency preparedness.

Q. When is the time to learn about emergency preparedness?

Is the time to try and figure out emergency preparedness when you are already stranded on the side of the road? Of course not – drivers should really gain an understanding of automobile emergency preparedness well before the emergency arises. By learning the basics of automobile emergency preparedness before a crisis arises, Mesa drivers can rest assured that they are able to handle any situation that comes their way.

Q. What types of situations might drivers want to become prepared for?

Because drivers can never really foresee the future, there are a few key situations that drivers should be able to handle. Drivers should know what to do if they get a blow out. Drivers should know what to do if they run out of gasoline. Drivers should know what to do if they lose their keys. Drivers should know what to do if they get into a minor accident. Drivers should know what to do if their car simply will not start. Mesa drivers who have an understanding of how to handle these common situations are much better prepared than the average driver on the road.

Q. What types of supplies should drivers carry in their car for emergencies?

Having some essential supplies will help drivers handle problems that they may encounter on the road. It is a good idea to assemble an emergency preparedness kit to carry in the trunk of your car that has at least the following necessities: Pencil and paper; tools to change a tire with; basic tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches; water; first aid kit; camera with a flash; road flares; disposable camera; flashlight; water; and a blanket. These supplies will not consume very much space, and they can potentially spare drivers quite a bit of trouble. By investing just a little bit of money into this emergency preparedness kit, drivers can avoid big problems.

Q. Why is it important for drivers to have a camera in their emergency preparedness kit?

Cameras are essential if you ever get into a minor accident. Perhaps the most important thing you can do if you get into an accident is to document the damage to your car or truck and the scene of the accident. In addition to obtaining witness and police reports, photographs of the scene of the accident and vehicle damage are essential to recovering damages from your insurance carrier.

Q. Who to call if you get into an accident?

Of course, safety is the highest priority, and you should always make sure that nobody is injured if you get into an accident. Once you are certain that nobody is injured, you can begin to worry about your vehicle. You may need to call a towing service if your vehicle is not drivable. Even if your car is drivable, it is important to take it to a trustworthy mechanic to inspect it in its entirety for problems that the impact may have caused. Accurate Automotive is the East Valley’s premier automotive shop. Before ever assuming your vehicle is free from damage after an accident, you should bring it in to Dana Brothers for an inspection.


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